Orbit Ball

Game: Orbit Ball

The orbit ball is presented by solo developer Talking Capybara.

The developer was DEV, who worked as a freelancer to other developers not just for indie game development, but for bigger Enterprises too. He was exhausted to spend so many sleepless nights and did not get a little recognition. He always programmed related to microtransactions. The microtransactions in games don’t bother him, what bothers him is the way companies approach this subject. So summarizing the story, he was tired of doing things that are boring for the gameplay of all players and wanted to focus on mechanics and the fun.

Orbit ball is a mark in the developer career because he decided to make a game that attracts people’s attention by difficulty and simplicity.

Orbit ball is a hyper-casual game. Simple for being a game that can be played with only one hand, but difficult in his overall progression. There are two types of modes confirmed in the game, the challenge mode and the endless run mode. In both modes, the player needs to collect stars.

Unlock more stages in challenge mode by getting stars. You will need to spend a little time in endless mode, to get more stars. If you don’t want to spend time in endless mode, you can buy a star in-app to unlock stages for you. Orbit ball has 60 stages and an endless mode by finishing stage 60.

The game has achievements too. Orbit ball has grayscale, to make the experience equal for people who have color blindness.

Orbit Ball Features:

  • 2D Game
  • 2 game modes
  • Casual Game
  • Free to play
  • Contains in-app purchases
  • 60 Stages

Orbit ball is available for the android game list. The game has in-app purchases and also contains ads. You can download the game from the below link.

Download The Game

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  • Oliver
    Posted July 18, 2020 3:41 am 0Likes

    OrbitBall is a game really to test your patience without losing interest in playing continuously. Its developer knew how to bring competition between friends in an old but current way. congratulations on your creativity, which continues to be inspired by new games!

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