Pagie Portal Present…. Wyst Adventure!!

100 levels with 6 different themes, multiple enemy Character. This brings roller coaster rides and goosebumps every time u play it!

Wyst Adventure

1st theme is all about Jungle full of Evil Plants, jump through the hurdles and be safe from raiser sharp moving blades, unlimited lives, and only 1 man with unstoppable Sharp Knifes.

Too much Ice on Wyst Adventures 2nd theme Iceland…. Hurry up & Don’t Catch a cold, well…. you better not even get stuck in ice, because the killer penguin will chase you, & you don’t want to waste another start all over again.

Once you’re done from running from the penguin, Wyst Adventure 3rd theme The City. The character’s next enemy is a cyclist, throw your sword to destroy him. Every sword contains, its hit power. Use your Gems to upgrade your Sword.

Wyst Adventures 4th  theme is Ancients Pyramids, This Stage is really aggressive Because you will get mummies on your way while you trying to finish this theme. Don’t forget to have a look at the amazing scenery.

Wyst Adventure 5th theme is none other than a beautiful Beach and really sunny day……but that’s not a relaxing spot, you have to run and complete the stages, otherwise, you get bitten my enemy Crab.

Wyst Adventures 6th theme is our last theme

The Space, we will assure you to take your playing journey to another planet…. Well, we already took it there! & the only way to complete our game is when you finish the enemy deadly Alien.

This game is really amazing for many users. With 100 levels. Get your gems as much as you can.

Update your sword by spending a gems for newer version of the sword, buy the last sword with more damage points & get a chance to have an amazing experience.

Places that have never been explored before, don’t lose your chance. So are you ready to get lost in Wyst Adventure

well then what are you waiting for go and download our pagie portal? Wyst Adventure.

The game is made by Pagie Portal


We are looking forward to it

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