Bubble with Djealy

Pagie portal Presents (Bubble with Djealy)

It’s all about our character named Djealy shooting the same colored bubbles and getting the highest score that he can.

Every level starts with a handed mission, to collect a certain bubble or to destroy a certain types of bubbles multiple times. With limited counts of moves.

Choose your angle for an accurate throw. Burst as much as you can in one hit. Quicker your moves are, Faster the level end.

Save your next moves by completing the level, and earn all three stars with your smarter moves.

Don’t worry Bubble with Djealy gives 5 lives to survive, the fun of the game doesn’t stop there, if you don’t want to lose your life, you can just spend coin & continue until u move to another level. if your slow, you will lose.

Bubble with Djealy, the character in the game as a bubble, are cutest animal Characters, such as Bear, cat, duck, pig, owl, hippo & rats, etc.

There is an exchange bubble tab which is used to exchange the current bubble with upcoming for the smarter move, with more to that there are four free locked booster tools which will be unlocked only by coins

  • Super aim
  • Rainbow bomb
  • Horizontal bomb
  • Circle bomb

Super aim: This booster is used for, to aim at the exact target on the level.

Rainbow Bomb: This booster is a multiple color bubble that gets attached once you throw it, to any colored bubble and destroys chain.

Horizontal Bomb: This booster is used to destroy all the bubbles in a horizontal chain.

Circle Bomb: This is used to destroy all the bubbles in one circular chain.

Spend 100 coins to buy 5 moves & complete your mission. Fill up your level bar, See your performance. Hit the targets on time or level will revert back to top & you might skip your move.

Play more than 1000 levels. Now available on both platforms Android & iOS. What are you waiting for? GO & download Pagie Portal Bubble with Djealy

The game is made by Pagie Portal


We are looking forward to it


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