About game:

A new way to play cards.

RTSSCG – Systematic real-time strategy card game. The first game of its kind with familiar elements.

A deck builder using collected cards. 

Paper Mages, each player similarly starts with his 30 cards. The more you play, the more cards you unlock, and those cards are added to randomly assembled decks. Lucky players may even come across rare cards.

Systemic Arena Dynamic Gameplay

Mage duel done right.

cards are picked from a flat board and thrown into a dynamic and structured 3rd person arena. Werewolf His Moon Card empowers the night, and Medusa His Gaze Card distracts from the Moonbeam, which risks paralysis. Action cards that modify abilities, coupled with special racial traits.


Controls four major map types.

Damage action saves constant.

Play in dynamic arenas.

Time of day affects strength of races and some maps along with location on map

Master one of ten races, each with their own special attributes.

Fergon doesn’t need to worry about running out of breath underwater. Double jumps and slow falls are easy for Falconite.

Collect 130 or more cards.

Starting with 30 cards, the more paper magicians win, the more cards they add to their collection. Fill your deck with basic, rare, and special cards. Some say there are more maps to discover than the full 130.

Battles Online.

Consecutively duel other apprentices on the map in the main game mode. Drain your opponent’s HP or find five special trinkets to overwhelm him and end the match. Another duel mode will be added in the future.

Card Experiment Before casting

Fireball, try the Fire Borrowing action card. Deals 1.5x damage for each fire in a rented room. Throw a moon-bound action card followed by a stone slipper to levitate the opponent.



Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?: PC

Eventually ported to select consoles

Does the game have any in-app purchases?

Eventually, there will be new card packs, but it will never be pay-to-win.

Anything you would like to mention in the article?: This game is for people who love tabletop CCGs and real-time skill-based strategy and combat. It’s a new hybrid genre called RTSS CCG – Real-Time Systemic Strategy Collectable Card Game. Set in a paper castle, within a real castle.

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