Phantasm by Madkev Studio

Phantasm is a 4-player team-based online PVP psychological horror game. One plays as an observer and haunts the players with their fears. Others play as gatekeepers, trying to upload the host-killing virus to the Watcher’s support machines while avoiding being caught and killed.




Phantasm is a 4-player team-based online PVP psychological horror game where the Observer plays as an assassin haunting players and the Gatekeepers play as survivors trying to escape. The observer can become various phantasmic entities (figures of fear) such as ghosts and demons that can be captured and killed. The Gatekeepers use strategic teamwork to upload the host-killing virus to the Observer’s support machines without getting caught.


For the Watcher, you can use your phantasmal ability to switch between human form and various spirits to create jumpscares on an unprepared player and use your skills to play each phantasmal character to get your hands dirty with the blood of chases and kills.


For Gatekeepers, you can use your parkour skills to outrun the assassin, hide in corners and shadows, and work with your team to kill the watchers by uploading a virus that destroys the support machines.



Become a ghost: A wide selection of playable ghosts to seamlessly switch between and scare your friends.


Team PVP: Play alongside or against your friends in up to 4 players in this horror experience where strategic play is as important as teamwork.


Immersive Experience: Liminal themed environments with realistic graphics and 3D sound will give you the ultimate psychological horror experience that will keep your adrenaline pumping.


Create Tactics: Over 20 different types of equipment such as motion sensor, night vision cameras, wireless speaker to help you strategize, whether it’s tracking the spotter’s position or scaring the gate guards into a trap.


Proximity Voice Chat: An optional tool to communicate and hear your friends shout from a distance.


Cross platform: Enjoy the game with your friends whether they are on PC or console.


Intensive teamwork for 4 players


Enjoy a horror experience with your friends whether they are on PC or console. Phantasm supports cross-platform play and save.


Immersive horror


Experience the thrill of playing as an assassin or immerse yourself in a ghost hunting experience with your team of gatekeepers to defend against your fears.


liminal maps


Phantasm features 6 maps designed to induce psychological turmoil through early access, with more to come.


Ghost hunting


Team up with your friends on a ghost hunt with access to gear like an EMF reader, motion detector, tactical flashlight, night vision camera, wireless speaker, and more.


Procedural AI


Phantasm features procedurally generated ghosts that make every game unpredictable and require you to be on your toes every minute.


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PC and consoles, in development with release data undetermined


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