Pigeons Stop

Upcoming Game: Pigeons Stop

The upcoming game will be available for the iOS and Android game list. Pigeons Stop have in-app purchases too, you can buy golden popcorn to customize the pigeons.

Pigeons Stop will be the first game by a Solo developer named Giacomo Casalini. The developer has done each and everything himself, just he has taken help from his brother in composing and performing music.

Pigeons Stop is a 2D game with 135 levels. The developer has a plan to develop more levels. The game has simple graphics in a water style.

The game will be released in English and Italian. The developer has also planned to release in French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and German for the second release.

The player has to touch the pigeons at the right time while flying to allow them to get off and start moving in the level. Pigeons have simple behaviors and interact with the various obstacles present in the level. They are easily frightened and fly away if they collide, meet cats, mice if they hear loud noises like explosions and clapping. The goal is to stop the pigeons against some object based on the specific mission of the level.

When you can touch the flying pigeon, “everything is possible”.

Upcoming Game Pigeons Stop Features:

  • 2D Game
  • 135 exciting and daring levels
  • Easy built-in controls
  • In-app purchases
  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Watercolor Style Graphics
  • Puzzle and Action Game
  • Game in two languages

The expected launch date will be announced at the end of August. Stay tuned for more updates.

Initial Release Date: End of September

Publisher: Giacomo Casalini

Platform: iOS and Android

Genre: Action and Puzzle

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