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PRODUKTIVKELLER Studios has created an amazing game Pin Them by Jonas Grim.

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About the game

Pin Them is an action tower-defense game set in a medieval fantasy world. 

Enemies cannot die! Hit enemies from the right angle when they are close to a wooden surface to pin them. Only pinned enemies are good enemies!




Interact with Active Ragdolls

All enemies are completely physically simulated. Use your arrows to knock them back, make their trip or throw them over railings.

Exploit Weaknesses

Learning about the weaknesses and strengths of the eight different types of enemies will help you to defeat them more easily. An undead, for example, sometimes wears a helmet or a breastplate that blocks pins to his head or his chest. So aim for his legs or his arms to pin him.

Encounter Otherworldly Creatures

Evil creatures are trying to enter the city of Kahnheim. It is your job to stop their assault.

Use Abilities

You have access to different abilities that will greatly improve your power on the battlefield! Use the multi-shot, for example, to hit multiple enemies in front of you. Or blink to the target location by utilizing the teleport-shot.

Fortify your Defenses

Place different types of defensive structures to help you defend against evil creatures. Mount arrow traps on a wall that pin enemies passing by, automatically. Or use an exploding chicken to knock back enemies and make them fall over railings.

Climb the Leaderboards

You will receive a score for completing a level in Pin Them. Compare your score with your friends and players worldwide. Master your archery skills and climb to the top of the leaderboards!


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Steam. Release date TBA.


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Pin Them is the action tower defense game that pushes archery satisfaction to the next level. End the assault of otherworldly creatures by pinning them to wooden surfaces with your bow.


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