About Game:

A Sci-Fi Adventure through beautifully bizarre open worlds that will test your exploration skills, your Tower Defense chops, and your sense of humour.

James is a green-behind-the-ears cyborg working for F.E.C.E.S. – an agile, lean, design-thinking mass of bureaucracy. Their goal is to develop the world’s most delicious antidepressant. His goal is to rise above the rank of “intern” before their annual downsizing. James’ only point of contact with Corporate is a silly pastry-shaped robot called “Deep-fried dumpling filled with shredded chicken” (but you can call him Dumplin), who bosses you around while exuding no authority whatsoever.
At least James, unlike you, gets to do his work outdoors – scanning bizarre creatures, trying not to get killed and defending the remains of the ship that Dumplin crashed on an alien planet.


Planeteer is ported exclusively for VR. The game will be coming for Quest 2, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. It has no in-app purchases.

All in Virtual Reality
No in-app purchases
Easy built-in controls
Gameplay with Smooth controls
High-quality graphics
Explore beautiful and bizarre places
Stand your ground in fast-paced combat


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