Project Killdare

Upcoming Game: Project Killdare

Project Killdare is presented by Red Manacle Team. Their small but very dedicated team has high hopes to bring fans of haunted houses something awesome and truly unexpected!

This upcoming game looks very promising from the logo design and the theme of the devil with all the intense color schemes of red, black and white used, it is obvious that this will be a very scary and fearful ride. The setting from the images provided shows a very frightening haunted country house which definitely gives off the vibe of danger.

Let’s see and wait till this game releases and we will better know what this game has to offer. What do you think, will it be a thrilling and fearful ride as it looks or not?

Project Killdare Platform:

Project Killdare” is going to be released around September 2022 on Steam and Epic Game Store. The game will have no in-app purchases as far now.

Project Killdare Features:

  • 2Dgame
  • Horror
  • Dark theme

Do you want to play this haunted house game? Well, brace yourselves and wait for the release! Coming very soon!

Links for the updates and arrival of the game!


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