Race Among the Clouds is presented by SuperDoberDev.

About the game:

As the name is suggesting, Race among the clouds is coming up with a very addictive idea, one of a suspended road very high up in the sky. To win, you must not fall and get to the finish line before all your money is gone!

Speed up as much as you can on the straight portions of the road and brake as much as you need before entering a sharp corner!

Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

Try it and see for yourself if driving at very high speeds, on a suspended road can be so easy and if you can beat the game!

Master the art of speed, sharp cornering, and brutal acceleration while not forgetting that cars have brakes also!

Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

Currently only for android and very soon for ios also. The game is published on google play already, but no one knows about it at this time. The idea was to pass the review step as soon as possible because usually takes very long. Now that the game was accepted, the updates are reviewed and accepted faster so I am doing the final retouches. At this moment I am uploading the latest build and adding some gameplay screenshots, just so that the game page will not look empty, while I am preparing some nice collages and some gameplay videos. After I will finish with everything on google store I am planning to release it on other stores also.

Does the game have any in-app purchases?


Anything you would like to mention in the article?

I hope that you and your followers will like the game, as I wanted to make something that people can enjoy. The game has no ads, I did not want to ruin anyone’s experience. All it has are some in-app purchases and even those will not show only when the user wants, there is no shop icon. I hope that you will understand the idea, I have put a lot of passion and even if I am going thru a period of financial stress, I planned to never let this interfere with my player’s experience. They will not find any intrusive ads, pop-ups that will try to make them purchase something they do not need, or screenshots that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay. Everything is honest, you get what you see and nothing else!


PS: I didn’t have time to finish the photos that will be on the store page but I just finished taking in-game screenshots, so I will share a few of them with you. Thanks for your interest, I highly appreciate it!


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