Racing Djani 2

Upcoming Game: Racing Djani 2

Racing Djani 2 is developed and published by Pagie Portal.

The upcoming game Racing Djani 2 will be ported on Google Play Store, App Store, and also on XBox, steam. There are no in-app purchases available.

Racing Djani 2 is a racing genre game.  In this game, you will enjoy an epic ride with more thrilling challenges. A place where you can now test your driving skills, Be competitive, push through the last moment. A race where 7 contestants go face to face, but there is only 1 place for a true winner. Boosted trails, jumping cores, and hunger for golden coins, so that you can upgrade your car and bring it to its best shape possible.

Racing Djani 2 consists of 150 levels with 6 amazing different themes. It is a 2D game with 30 new cars and different backgrounds Candy, Lava, Jungle, and Ancient. Test your skills that how fast you run away, you will earn more and more by covering distances, and you can unlock new cars!

Initial Release Date: End of December 2020

Author: Pagie Portal

Platform: Android, iOS, XBox & Steam

Genre: Racing

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