Ranzel Alcala

Success Story: Ranzel Alcala

Ranzel Alcala a artists. 

This incredible artist is inspiring us to pick up a tablet and get sketching. If you want to pursue a designer, you can draw inspiration from his life.

How did Ranzel Alcala develop a fondness for artwork?

My interest in arts started way back when I was still in grade school. Crafting is my nature even when I was still young. Since pencil and paper are the most accessible medium for a child, I got inclined more to draw.

Did you study artwork? From where did Ranzel Alcala learn this?

My first mentor is my Father. I learned the basics from him. He is also a great painter like my Grandpa. That’s why most people would say that art probably runs in our bloodline. I took up Architecture in college at Far Eastern University. But most of the knowledge about art fundamentals, especially digital painting are self-taught. I do researches, read lots of books & watched Youtube tutorials.

Why did Ranzel Alcala choose artwork as a profession?

I enjoy designing and making stuff. By bringing ideas to life, I earned lots of money even when I was still a student. Doing commissions for my father’s friends and business partners. So I decided to pursue designing and painting since I know this is where I’ll make money. I earn while having fun. Win-win option.

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