Renn Chong Success Story

This incredible illustrator is inspiring us to do sketching. Each successful illustrator has followed a variety of paths to achieve their goals If you want to pursue an illustrator, you can draw inspiration from his life.

Renn Chong an illustrator.

I am Renn Chong from Malaysia. Since my early childhood, I have been interested in watching cartoons, anime, manga, or comics. It is this initial spark that started up my path to drawing.

The passion of drawing set me to Taiwan, where I completed a 4-year program, Fine Arts Degree at Tunghai University in the year 2012. Tunghai University has allowed me to expose to a broader perspective regarding art. Under the guidance of my lecturers, skill, and knowledge exchange among classmates have led me to delve into the world of art.

EXPLORER illustration book is one of the works that I have come up with lately which I wish to share with everyone. It is a book without description or dialogue. It is a book filled only with illustration where readers need to comprehend its story through every little bit of detail from each drawn picture.

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