Game: RoboHop

RoboHop is presented by KokoSketto.

This latest 2.5D game uses a Robo that hops. RoboHop is an endless game, where you can control your RoboHop and try to avoid all dangers you face in order to cover the most distance.

This game starts rather in a very competitive mode where you have to proceed with your RoboHop very carefully. You have to collect all the coins while keeping in mind the thorns and fires that are ready to take your life at that very instant.

Control RoboHop and survive the dangers you face. Shoot traps and enemies in your way.

You can get boosts for a higher score. The game has in-app purchases (IAP) to buy skins and boost packs that can help you to cover more distance. You can also get boosts FREE by spin on a slot machine.

You can get slot tokens if you see an AD and average of spin leaves 2.5 boosts (2-3). So with an AD, you can get 5-6 boosts.

This game gives weekly rewards to users with the highest scores of the week and the prize money will depend on the demand of the game.

Every time there’ll different hurdles. It is a compelling game in which you have to run and hop through many enemies and traps.

Game’s Platform:

It” is available on Android Play Store. The game will be also ported to iOS soon.

Game’s Features:

  • Free to Play
  • 2.5D game
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Good graphics
  • Smooth gameplay

Do you like a competitive and adventurous arcade game? Go Download RoboHop” from the link below and start playing.

Download The Game

Get ready for thoughtless challenges in RoboHop! You’ll have a great time through this competitive adventure arcade game. Determine how long you can survive this craziest race.

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