Sakaru Chan

Sakaru Chan Success Story

Sakaru Chan a teenage pixel artist.

I’m 16 years old. A student in a high school. I like watching animes and drawing. I love to play videogames and board games.

Tell me about your work experience?

I have a few months of experience, I watched videos about pixel art and how to develop, until then I started doing some arts.

At what age did Sakaru Chan start doing work and developed love for digital artwork?

I started with 16 years but I always loved digital artwork mainly interested in pixel art.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?

I always liked to do artwork, but it intensified after seeing pixel art channels on Instagram.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?

I study by videos on YouTube, but I expect to start studying by “crime seus Jogos” with the curse “Design de Jogos 2D”.

From where did you learn this?

I learn by videos on YouTube and seeing sites online.

Why did you choose digital artwork as a profession?

I chose it because it is something that I identify with, it is a way to expose my ideas and share differentiated knowledge.

Who are your biggest influences?

I was mainly influenced by games like Ragnarok, RPG MO, and others.

How do you become a successful artist?

With support, mainly from my girlfriend, and training.

What makes you a good graphic designer and different from others?

I think more than style, that’s what I want to present. I want to give up a different world, transmitting an emotion that goes beyond what you have every day. Of course, I still expose my style and tastes.

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

My art represents what I am and what I have to the world.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

For me, art is a new world where anything is possible. where you arouse feelings just by looking.

My Portfolio!

My Portfolio is on this social link.

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