Screaming Loaf

Screaming Loaf is presented by Ashum Arcade.


About Game:

Screaming Loaf is a 2D puzzle-platform game, it’s free, it has 86 levels, 43 additional levels will be added via an update shortly.

The fridge contents have one goal; to become a sandwich. They’ll stop at nothing to fulfil their quest of smearing themselves on some bread, but these fillings have chosen the wrong loaf to mess with. Loaf happens to have a scream so powerful that it can break jam jars, melt butter, and explode cheese!

Each level has you control Loaf to destroy all enemies. There are 5 on-screen buttons; move left, move right, scream, jump, and drop a slice. Different enemies have different strengths, so some may require multiple screams to eliminate. Screaming is not only good for damaging enemies, Loaf’s scream can also push levers and propel himself across the water. The loaf is made up of 5 slices, Loaf can leave slices behind and re-join with them later, any dropped slices will scream at the same time as the control slice. More points are scored for completing levels quickly, so dropping slices in next to where enemies are about to spawn is useful to defeat them more efficiently. Dropping slices plays a big part in puzzle solving too. Slices also act as health, a slice is lost from Loaf upon enemy collision. Beware though, each slice you drop gives Loaf one less slice of protection. You will fail the level when you lose your control slice.







Screaming Loaf is ported on Google Play Store for Android users. The game has no in-app purchases.



  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Action game
  • No in-app purchases


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