Upcoming Game: Seretid

Seretid is presented by Dextec Studio. The game is developed by Prila Obrum who make all the decisions, development of Seretid, and Diana Martinez (Broken ED) who make the music for this project. The game is ported to the steam for the PC users. It is free to play with no in-game purchases.

About Game:

Seretid is a psychology-based game. The world of seretid is a strange place where the logic is not the answer, to monsters, dreams, sins, and humans. You are the owner of your death. You will have to find the answer to your existence.

The developer thought to do 1 zone with 2 bosses, but for now, added 4 principal objectives with 2 or 3 “levels” by zone and continue adding more backgrounds, zones and wanted to do a short game.

With the beta version, the Dextec Studio only released one zone but they have 3 zones created till now and they would like to release the second part of the beta version in December with the changes applied.

Game’s Features:

  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • Free to play
  • No in-game purchases
  • Astonishing Music

The game is addictive, it will captivate you. It will become an interesting certain activity that you will be enjoying.

The beta version of the game is available on the below site. Go and test the beta version of “Seretid”.

Initial Release Date: February 2021

Author: Dextec Studio

Platform:  PC

Genre: RPG

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