Siddarth Sathish

Siddarth Sathish Success Story

How do you become a successful designer?  Do you follow any road map? In reality, each successful designers have followed a variety of paths to achieve their goals. A graphic designer is similar to an engineer/doctor and not only has an eye for colors but also has clung to complex practical details. Graphic designers have incredible success stories that describe how they went from beginner to practiced artist. Here is another success story of how the graphic designer become a successful designer.

Siddarth Sathish an artist.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?

Well, my story’s pretty short. Both my parents are artists. So In blood, I practically owe them a masterpiece work. I’ve been trying to live up to their expectations since practically forever. And I guess that’s what created a “fondness for art” as you call it.

From where did Siddarth Sathish learn this?

It’s been two years since I started using  Photoshop and believe me it was easy to fall in love with. Recently I started learning 3d. Those were some sleepless nights.

It was not long before I discovered digital art platforms like photoshop and clip studio.

Why did Siddarth Sathish choose graphic design as a profession?

I grind ZBrush till every last setting and every last tool was unturned but then they went ahead and updated the software. Then I learned Maya and substance painter and now I can turn my 2d digital artworks to 3d characters and renders. I aspire to be a game dev one day. And I’m looking for a good art house to join. But as of now, I haven’t made a portfolio. Artists usually take a long time to figure themselves out so this is my time I guess.

My Artstation!

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