Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light are presented by Thatgamecompany.

About the game

In Sky: Children of the Light, the player explores a magical kingdom using a cape that gives them the ability to fly. There are seven unique realms to visit, and each one is themed around a different stage of life. In addition to these realms, there is a Home that serves as a hub between the different realms.

Throughout the game, the player will encounter “spirits” that give the player cosmetic and gameplay-affecting items in return for in-game currency. The player can also find “lost stars” that give the player “winged light”. When the player has collected enough winged light, their cape level goes up, increasing their maximum “wing energy” and allowing them to fly farther.


Sky: Children of the Light are available to play on android, iOS, iPad, and Nintendo Switch.

Tips and tricks:

The following are tips and tricks for the smooth gameplay.

  • Light the red candles

Always light the Candles you find in the game. Candles, when lit, will earn you the game’s basic currency. Don’t ever get tired of fighting them as they are precious resources that you’ll need to purchase the different Collectibles from the different ancestor spirits.

  • Make friends

Make friends as much as possible. The game is won with friends. To make friends, you must first set a player alight, tap on him or her and upgrade your with his or her character. Making friends costs a Candle.

To make Friends, you must go towards a player, and then tap on the option to light a candle for them. Similar to upgrading the emotes on spirits, you also have to upgrade your friendship with other players in the game to make them your “Friends”. You can set a nickname for a friend in order to remember them, as you might have noticed that all players in the game do not have a username.

  • Don’t get soaked in water:

Try not to get soaked in the rain or any water in the game. Getting wet in the game is equivalent to losing your light. When this happens, you’ll see that your avatar losses its glowing light. Be cautious and always check on your gauge when this happens, as you will get penalized for staying too long out in the rain or in bodies of water in the game.

The penalty is losing some of your Winged Light and you will see it like a dropped item — which gives you a few seconds time to recover it. You will know that you’ve permanently lost it if you hear a slashing sound in the background. A lost winged light can be recovered again, but its re-spawn location will be random (which sucks). A similar effect happens when you get attacked by some creatures in the game like crabs and the Krill (dark dragons).

Children of the Light
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