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.16-year-old two friends who are passionate about gaming and love developing new games.

Slade is an addictive game, in which you have to avoid all the project lines to reach the highest score of all the time. This game needs a lot of concentration to make the best score.

You need to have a flexible approach keeping away from the project lines. With each level, you will face more difficulties.

Slade is an arcade game in which scoring high will help you to unlock the skins. It is easy to play and difficult to score and win each level.


“Slade” is available on Android and it’s free to play with no in-app purchases.

Check out the amazing Slade Features:

  • Free to play
  • 2D Game
  • Easy to play
  • Don’t need Wi-Fi to play it
  • Consists of different modes
  • Smooth Game Control
  • Arcade Game
  • Each level consists of a different snags
  • 20+ Levels
  • Great time-killing game

How To Play?

– Move-in a limited place by sliding your finger on the screen
– Avoids each projectile
– Play with full passion to slow downtime

Do you love arcade games?

Yes, so what are you waiting for? Go now DOWNLOAD a mind-blowing game and have fun playing with project lines.

Enjoy and share it with your friends. Join the challenging fun game.

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