Slay the Spire

Game: Slay the Spire

Slay The Spire is presented by Humble Bundle.

About the game

Slay the Spire is a combination of rogue like-like gameplay with a deck-building card game. At the start of a play through the player selects one of four predetermined characters, which sets a starting amount of health, gold, a starting relic that provides a unique ability for that character, and an initial deck of cards with basic attack and defense cards as well what potential color-coded cards tailored to that character they will see through the run. The goal is to work through several levels of a spire, each level having a number of potential encounters distributed in a branching structure with a boss character at the end of the level. Encounters include monsters that vary in strength, campfires to heal or upgrade cards to more powerful versions, shopkeepers to buy cards, relics, and potions as well as to remove cards from the deck, chests with random loot, and random choice-based encounters.


Slay the Spire is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox.

Tips and tricks:

The following are tips and tricks for the smooth gameplay.

  • Keep Your Deck Small

In the beginning, it can be tempting to keep on adding all the interesting new cards to your deck. This seemingly innocent act can lead you to a frustrating loss where you keep wondering where that one card you need is. Which is the crux of this problem, the more cards you have in your deck, the fewer chances you have of drawing your important cards?

This doesn’t mean that you should keep your base deck though. Instead, pick up the kinds of powerful cards you need to combat the boss at the end of the current act. Use the removal options from events and shops to cull away unnecessary cards. This includes the basic strikes you start out with as they are often the worst card in your deck.

  • Choose your card wisely

So when the synergies aren’t coming along or if you don’t know which way to take your deck, what do you pick? The first and most important answer is defense. Each act provides limited opportunities to heal and if you do use them, you’re not making yourself stronger. Pick up defensive cards to help prevent damage; this is especially important for characters not named Ironclad.

Because of the variety of enemies, you’ll face, you’ll need to learn which cards work best against them. You will need AOE attacks to deal with multiple enemies or enemies that summon minions. Cards that weaken can also be vital, particularly against bosses and elites with multi-hitting attacks. Make sure your deck is well-rounded enough to handle a variety of enemies.

  • Know Your Enemies

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Slay the Spire and roguelikes in general is that there are so many unknowns. In Slay the Spire you need to learn what cards work together, which artifacts are the strongest for your build, and, most importantly, what your enemies are going to do.

There are only two ways to learn how to defeat your enemies, experience it yourself with failure, and all or look them up. The first method is arguably the more fun and satisfying method but the second method is much easier. This is vital because there are many enemies that will require you to change your tactics. Additionally, each of the first three acts has three different possible bosses you can fight that each requires different strategies to overcome.

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