Snake Block

Snake Block is presented by Linkede.

About Game:
Snake is reborn with new blocks graphic design. Guide its movements with touch controls and lead it to victory through all the levels.

More than 90 levels in different settings and with unique atmospheres. Lead Snake through the blocks grill which composes the level. Surpass various challenges and puzzles thanks to your intelligence and the objects Snake can use.

Thanks to your progress in the game, you’ll be able to unlock the skin and change Snake’s aspect. Will you be able to unlock the skin only thanks to your ability?

A great number of challenges are waiting for you. You can find 270 stars inside the levels. Decide how you’re going to face this adventure: will you look for all the stars, or will you take only the ones right in front of you?



Snake Block is ported on Google Play Store for Android users. The game has in-app purchases.

6 different worlds
Unique skins
More than 90 levels
Easy built-in controls
Gameplay with Smooth controls
High-quality graphics
Puzzle Game

So what are you waiting for?

Go now and get from the below link!
Go with Snake through 6 different worlds with unique mechanics. Will you be able to lead a safe and sound Snake through a lava lake or out from a cryptic door maze?

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