Society’s paradigms – Who are you fighting for

Society’s paradigms are presented by KronDev Entertainment.

About Game:

Society’s paradigms- Who are you fighting for is a fusion between a rogue-lite and an RPG, as the purpose is to replay it multiple times. You are set into a beautiful world with people from different social backgrounds, with perplexing beliefs, and political opinions. As the end of the world is coming, many NPCs talk about their assumption as to why the apocalypse is happening, either it is due to religious motives or political problems. Depending on your appreciation of their stories, you can either become involved in governmental issues or church tasks hoping to defeat those who bring the end. This is as far as we can talk about the story without spoiling too much.

Game mechanics; the game follows a rather unconventional way of developing skills. In short, everything the player does can help get their hands on new skills. These skills are used for combat and can have numerous requirements. It is important to develop many abilities to stand a chance in front of the bosses. The time the player spends in the world before the apocalypse is limited, therefore making a solid skill tree is important.

The game also has the typical RPG quests as part of the mechanics. From quests, the player can earn important materials, objects, or powerful weapons to use in combat. Note that there is also weapon durability implemented in the code. There is also a crafting system that serves as a way to gain access to new items.



  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • RPG Game

The project is under development. The coming months will be full of anticipation for the game.