Sofia Success Story

Sofia an artist.

My name is Sofia, I’m from Denmark. I hope to become a big artist one day, and I hope I can make art my job. I have a family of 2 brothers and 2 parents, I have 3 guinea pigs as pets. I love listening to music or watch a good movie.

Tell me about your work experience? 

Art is nothing too fancy for me currently. I am not making money from it and I draw while sitting on my floor, but I’m completely fine with that. I have a supportive family who helps me when they can but other than that, my “business” is only run by me.

At what age did Sofia start doing work and developed love for digital artwork? 

I drew with pen and paper when I was a little kid but stopped drawing when I got older, a couple of years later I started drawing again, I drew in a more cartoonish style but then I saw a bunch of people on social media who drew using a tablet or computer and I wanted to try it out, so around 4 months ago, I got an iPad and I loved drawing digital, so I went down that route.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork? 

It’s relaxing but at the same time frustrating, I guess that’s why I like it, it’s hard to draw so that makes it more exciting when I make a drawing I like. Sometimes I completely forget about everything else when drawing, that’s the relaxing part. Sitting and focusing on one thing and forgetting everything else.

Did Sofia study artwork?

If yes then from where? I study almost every day, I watch youtube videos and try out things I’ve learned from that, I often try to study other artists work and get some good ideas from that.

From where did you learn this?

I learned it from myself and the internet, I’ve never gone to an art class, I prefer to just make artworks when I feel like it.

Why did you choose digital artwork as a profession?

In this day and age, you have to have social media to get successful, digital art is good for social media, you don’t have to worry about lighting when taking a picture of the art you’ve made, and it’s almost always full of color, So it’s just generally easier when uploading to social media.

Who are Sofia’s biggest influences?

My biggest influencers are other artists on Instagram, twitter, youtube, I often talk with some of my influencers about art, and learn some tips and tricks from them.

How do you become a successful artist?

I’m not the biggest artist out there, but I’m still pretty proud of all the followers I’ve gotten. I just uploaded a drawing to Instagram and suddenly people starting liking it, I remember when I got 40 followers, I thought that was crazy. So I just kept drawing and now I’m at over 300 followers, which is insane.

What makes you a good graphic designer and different from others? 

I don’t know how to answer that question, I guess everyone has a different drawing style, like handwriting.

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

My artwork doesn’t represent anything since I make fanart, which is drawings of characters from games, movies, etc. It’s just me drawing things that I like.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

Art means a lot to me, it’s a way to relax when I feel stressed or anxious. I also like to have something to be proud of and something to show to people.

My Portfolio!

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