Solar Basketball

Upcoming Game: Solar Basketball

Solar Basketball is presented by Atakanosgames for Oculus Rift.

It is a VR game. The game has set up the solar system with planets Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as the stadiums. Stadiums have given fun names such as Giant Jupiter and Beautiful Saturn and that is a very cool and fun approach done there. Each stadium can be unlocked with a certain experience. Every stadium has different levels available. Jupiter stadium has 25 game levels. The players perform training and one game show consists of 3 points, 2 points, and turnstiles.

This game enables players to show their basketball skills while playing in the solar stadiums. A fun experience for sure! Players can play without time also. The game also has a free mode which is best for training and practice sessions but there are no planet stadiums in the free mode yet.

Players can proceed and move in the game using their joystick, or their real-world position, in a wide environment if they wish because it’s a virtual reality game. For now, there is no multiplayer plugin available. The player plays in this simulated environment to interact with the artificial 3D world.

The game has used the special emphasis on the background music which is super fun and competitive as well which helps a lot for the attention and focus in a game!

Solar basketball Platform:

“Solar basketball” is available for Oculus Rift for free for the very first time.

Solar basketball Features:

  • Free to Play to Download for $7.99
  • 3D game
  • Quality graphics
  • Space stadiums
  • Virtual reality

The release date is scheduled for September.

We will also release our game for Oculus Quest in the coming months.

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