Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash Tips and Tricks

Sonic Dash is developed by Hardlight and published by Sega.

About Game:

Sonic Dash is a 3D endless runner single-player and multiplayer game. This is similar to Temple Run and Rayman Jungle Run. You collect the rings, avoids obstacles and enemies. You can compete for a position on leaderboards. You direct as a Sonic or another character through levels.


Sonic Dash is available at IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and Arcade.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice

In this game, practice matters a lot.  Once you learn what happens you will be mastered, quicker, and also able to stay in the game for a longer time.

  • Try daily achievements

It will help you get more coins and other Sonic Dash items to improve. The player has free shot daily, so you must try this to get extra coins and items. You can get useful items like red stars and also sometimes premium currency.

  • Don’t Jump

Whenever you are running the endless track, don’t jump up, stay still, run, and collect the coins in the way. So don’t jump for fun on straight tracks, try to run and collect the coins only.

  • Focus on Upgrades

Always in Sonic Dash focus the upgrades rather than power-ups. It is difficult to save the rings in the game so try to prioritize upgrades. Upgrades are permanent and power-ups are temporary. Buy the upgrades. You will have some power-ups in your way too so don’t focus on it. Think about permanent things.

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