Game: Stay

it is presented by the Garner. A game by an indie developer.

The developer has taken a great initiative by putting the game “STAY” free to play but also accepts the players’ supports by letting them pay what they think is fair for the game.


About Game:

Stay is a visual novel genre video game. The game is based on a small story. It’s a super short visual game with a lot of twists.

The story revolves around a soldier, who is returning to his dedicated companion. It is an interactive story game that takes around 3 minutes to experience. Switch the camera between a solider and his dog as they reunite by the soldiers crashed spitfire.


It is an addictive and best time beating game. It will fascinate you.

Game’s Platforms:

Stay has been released on “”  and available for the Windows PC users. The game is free to play and doesn’t have any in-game purchases.

Amazing Features of “Game”:

  • Free to Play
  • No in-game purchases
  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Visual novel game

So What are waiting for?

Go now and download the game “STAY” from the below link!

Click Here

Enjoy and share it with your friends.  Challenge each other and check whose going to score the highest!

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