Bamba Matondo

Graphic designers have incredible success stories that describe how they went from beginner to practiced artist. Each successful designers have followed a variety of paths to achieve their goals.

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Bamba Matondo

, an engineer of the art of sketch.

I Graduated in fashion, never did any game-art study, because back in the days the industry wasn’t that secure. At least I was told, so I made the safe choice to study Media Design, This study was a mixture of different design studies, from graphic design to web design. I eventually quit the study in media design because it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do. I was more interested in designed characters. So I went and did a fashion school. Graduation in fashion but still decided to go back to my love for drawing.

I’m a starting artist specialized in digital concept art. My main strength is designing characters and creating stories for them. With every new design, a new world is brought to life. That what I like the most in creating digital art.

Most of the skills I’ve learned by doing a lot of self-studies on digital art. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. But with an art school background, I manage to add my knowledge of art fundamentals in my work and improve my skills.

How did Bamba Matondo develop a fondness for a graphic artist?

Well, I got my fondness mostly as a child. By drawing a lot of the characters I thought were cool in the games and anime shows I’ve enjoyed. Wanting to be able to create a similar thing, I started sketching my characters quickly after. In time I would focus more on original characters than the existing ones.

How do Bamba Matondo become a highly successful designer?

I’m always excited to start new challenges in projects. With challenging ideas, discovering new ways, and learning from them along the way. This way I hope to get the best results for my work.

How was Bamba Matondo’s experience with Game1news?

I have a good experience working with Game1news. The communication goes very smoothly and I’ve noticed we’re very much on the same page when talking about the ideas and how they need to be realized. This makes working with them nice.

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