Success Story of Reda Belmekki

Tell me about yourself?

I live in Germany and I have a master’s degree in electronics. I am working now as a software engineer in an IT company and because I have a little free time, I decided to start making mobile games just for fun.


Tell me about your work experience?

 I have five years programming experience in an IT company.


At what age did you start doing work and developed a love for artwork?

Since I was 18 years old.


How did you develop a fondness for artwork?

I always liked programming because it’s fun.


Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?

In university and on the internet.


From where did you learn this?

University and internet(youtube, udemy).


Why did you choose art as a profession?

I love this, I hope one day , i can make it a full time job, when i can earn enough from it.


Who are your biggest influences?

My wife and family, they help me to challenge my limits.


How do you become a successful artist?

Working day and night to improve my skills.


What makes you good and different from others?

I have a lot of mobile game ideas and I have the skills to make them true.


What does your art represent and does art mean to you?

My art represents my imagination, every game I make is an extension of my imagination.

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