The Last Sentinel


The Last Sentinel is presented by SavedBy000. The game is a remake of the classic game Atlantis, aimed at fans of the original, particularly the Intellivision version, although the saucer converts into a stationary third turret when it’s parked.


About Game:

A tribute to/remake of the classic game Atlantis, drawing most inspiration from the Intellivision version, with the added benefit of the saucer converting to “middle turret” mode while parked and stationary.   It’s a simple endless survival game — when diplomacy fails, how many days can you keep your city alive from the invading Medusaen fleet?




How to play?

All users: use the mouse to move the crosshairs, click on the HUD, launch or land your saucer (by clicking on the landing pad), guide your saucer, and/or navigate through menus.  A, S, D or buttons 0,1,2 on your controller will fire the turrets or saucer side cannons, depending on your mode.


For PC users: the right, left and middle mouse buttons can be used to fire the right, left and middle (when not in saucer mode) turrets, in addition to the standard controls (A, S, D or buttons 0,1,2).



The Last Sentinel is ported on Windows and Mac. The game has no in-app purchases.



  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Action game



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