The Last Vikings Kingdom

It is presented by Pipazaro Games.


About Game:

The Last Vikings Kingdom is a simulator of a Viking town in which you will have to manage its evolution. You can build your own Viking Town by managing all your resources, sending your soldiers to explore, getting a pier and trading goods. Get yourself an army and a hero to face deathly battles and finally conquer the whole world.

Build your own Viking city in this simulation game with pixel art. You will start with small actions and then as you expand your town, you will have more to do. You will manage expeditions with your warriors and recruit heroes to conquer the regions where the Vikings came years ago. You will manage resources such as food and gold and observe how your town is becoming more and more powerful.





The Last Vikings Kingdom is available on Google Play Store. The game is available in App Store as well, but here the cost of the game is 1.99 £ without adds


The Last Vikings Kingdom Features:

  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Strategy game
  • Grow your town and unlock new buildings
  • Manage your fleet and manage it for expeditions across the sea
  • Build a tavern where warriors will join you
  • Collect gold from the mine and use your gold to get powerful items
  • Feel the management of a Viking chief deciding when to attack and loot to get resources and gold
  • Build a port and a market to get resources
  • Unlock the Tower of the Hero, where to venerate your most powerful warrior and arm him for battles
  • Become a management strategist
  • Easy to handle but hard to master
  • Does not require an internet connection at any time
  • There is no pay-to-win system


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