The Regulus

Upcoming Game: The Regulus

The Regulus is presented by Arboon Studios.

About Game:

The Regulus is inspired by The Legend of Zelda for the NES but with more colorful graphics and more gameplay. The game will have 14 dungeons whereas only 10 are required to beat the game. There will be 24 items to collect but all of them are not necessary. It will be rated 12+.

The game will be set in a medieval world, and as of now, there are different bioms to explore Stonefield biom, Mountain biom, Desert biom, Forest biom, Snow biom, Jungle biom, Sea biom, and Dryland biom. In these bioms, there will be different villages, enemies, dungeons, secret caves, and much more to explore.

Players require a certain item to enter some areas in the game like one area, to enter a certain biom you have to pay a large amount of gold, indicating that that biom might have a harder challenge than the previous ones you’ve been in. So you might need to find secret treasure caves or fight harder enemies to enter that biom. Normal enemies will have a short respawn rate compared to stronger enemies.


The Regulus will be ported to Steam. The game will not free to play and have no in-game purchases.

The Regulus Features:

  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • No in-game purchases
  • Medieval world game

Get ready for challenges! The early access of the game will be released at the end of November 2020.

It will have the below features:

  • Two small areas to explore
  • Two dungeons
  • A couple of items
  • Secrets & exploration
The Regulus

Initial Release Date: End Of 2021

Developer: Arboon Studios

Platform:  Steam

Genre: Top-Down Adventure

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