This is not a sorcerer’s job

It’s the second game by the developer and he is putting a lot of passion and care especially to the small details so that the player is totally satisfied.

About Game:

This is not a sorcerer’s job is an upcoming adventure and puzzle platformer genre game.   The game is made in 3 languages English, Spanish and French.

Bylo is a young and rebel sorcerer apprentice who makes a practical joke on one of the teachers in the magic tower. He’s caught and punished for cleaning every corner of Itsmor of a strange moss that has suddenly appeared.

During his task, he will discover where and how that moss has appeared, who is behind it, and what his plans are, so he will decide to derail them.  You will also meet various characters who will help you advance in your mission.

Help him in his task and leave every corner of Itsmor untouched as you unravel a mysterious plot, using only your magic.

The game is addictive, it will captivate you. It will become an interesting certain activity that you will be enjoying.[/vc_column_text]


The game “This is not a sorcerer’s job” is available on Android Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is free to play on Google Play Store only and paid on other platforms.

This is not a sorcerer’s job Features:

  • Free To Play
  • High-quality pixel art graphics
  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Astonishing soundtrack
  • In 3 different languages
  • Consist of various enemies, traps, and mechanisms
  • Various environments and areas to explore.

Go now and play the beta version on the below link.

Click Here

Enjoy and share it with your friends.  Challenge each other!

Initial Release Date: At the end of 2020

Author: Bitmagine Studio

Platform: Android, Windows, Linux & Mac

Genre: Platformer, Adventure  & Puzzle

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