Those who came

It is presented by Sara Labalestra.

About the game:

Those Who Came is a cooperative survival RPG where you will have to work as a team to survive and thrive on a hostile planet. You are one of the last Sainen — a strong and resilient species, once a peaceful civilization of spacefarers and explorers, who nearly faced extinction after their planet collapsed. Hoping for their kind to survive this cataclysmic event, they sent forth a ship full of explorers, frozen in a cryogenic state.

Two centuries later, the systems of the ship woke up everyone aboard — it had detected a suitable planet. And thus, your mission began: to heal the deadly planet of Solarus and build a new home.

However, you soon discovered that the planet was already inhabited by the Torek — a species native to Solarus, who survived the harsh environment of the planet hiding within its deep caves. By working together, both Torek and Sainen can help bring the planet back to life, forging a deep and strong connection in the process. Use your powers as a team to be on the path to success.

As you explore Solarus alongside the Torek, you will find resources and salvage fragments that allow you to craft better equipment and suits that enhance your abilities. During expeditions to Solarus you may even find messages left behind by the remnants of a long-lost civilization. Those Who Came features an open sandbox that allows you to work together with other players to complete the global objective of healing the planet so that it may be eventually inhabited by the Sainen and Torek.





  • Choose between different types of suits, mods, and abilities which allows you to tailor your character to fit your personal playstyle
  • Gather materials and salvage equipment in missions, using them to create new suits and mods that will enhance your suits and abilities.
  • Play together with others, exploring the surface of Solarus in a PvE environment, or fight against other players in the Arena.
  • Work together toward a global objective of healing solarus and having a planet to call home. This is not just your story, but one that involves everyone.
  • Play with up to 4 other players as you explore the world of Solarus. Some aspects of the world require cooperation between different classes to explore completely

Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

PC Windows, and in the future will be available for MacOSX, Linux, and Consoles.

Full Release scheduled in 2022.

Does the game have any in-app purchases?

Not now and considered for future expansions


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