About Developer:


A father and son duo creating mobile platform video games that are fun for all ages.



About Game:


In this 2-D platformer game, you play as Johnny, a construction worker who is trying to get to the job site but who runs into many challenges along the way. As Johnny you must navigate your way through various terrains and climates to get to your destination. Who ever thought getting to work could be this hard? As Johnny you will face more than your fair share of enemies who will do whatever it takes to stop you from getting to work. Between secret passages and hidden power-ups, you might just be able to make it through all of the worlds and complete your quest. Move over Mario; this guy is no plumber. He is a rough and tough construction worker.



While playing, enjoy:


-Intuitive controls

-A market for power-ups

-Diverse groups of enemies

-Different environments

-Challenging and fast-paced levels



PLEASE NOTE: Construction Johnny is completely free to play, but it does contain advertisements. Also, it will work without an internet connection.

Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

IOS / Android

Does the game have any in-app purchases?: No

Anything you would like to mention in the article?

Fun fact: despite the father and son founders of Three Gen Games both being named “John”, Construction Johnny was actually named after the port-o-john portal between levels. Three Gen Games is the heart of two developers who have a passion for gaming and are working hard at turning that passion into a career. With Construction Johnny being their largest project to date, a lot of late nights and weekends were spent developing this platformer game. Since the team consists of two developers, they are involved in all game creating aspects and have given a lot of attention to every detail – from the various world environments to the boss battles between worlds.

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