Times Up

Game: Times Up

Times Up is presented by Rare Raven Interactive.

The game is based on the fighting genre with ninja skills. The game displays the monochromatic frame of a building. The game uses text guides that appear on the screen. The gameplay is a bit slower but so smooth. It has easily built-in controls with limited key functions that allow to best control of the fighter and to destroy the enemies. The fighter has to fight and kill all the zombies while being out of their sight and surviving your way through the massive crossfires. You have to heal your supervisors as well and get back to the team.

Times Up

The game has used the theme Times up and it is pretty understandable that the fighter will only have a limited time cause the zombies are only going to die temporarily and soon they are going to get multiplied and the challenge will get difficult to approach. So you have to hurry and speed up the killing process.
To save the world Slacker before your Time’s Up!

Times Up Platform:

Times Up” is available on itch.io for Windows as well as macOS. The game does not have any in-app purchases.

Times Up Features:

  • Free to Play
  • 2D game
  • Fighting genre
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Smooth gameplay

Do you like to play an extreme fighting game? If YES then what are you waiting for?

Go Download Times Up” from the link below and start enjoying your time.

Click Here

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