Tina an artist.

I am a world citizen and I’ve lived in over 7 countries throughout my life, lately, I have found my home in Mexico. I am the adventure-seeking type of person and I’m always looking for new experiences and things to learn. A deep need to express myself started to burst out while in this country and with my love for colors and sacred geometry Nikte Art came to life. With my art, I wanted to go beyond a simple decorative object and deliver pieces that stimulate personal healing and raise frequencies.[/vc_column_text]


How did you develop a fondness for artwork?

I’ve always loved art throughout my childhood, it was my favorite subject in school. I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of an artist to express themselves through paintings and how they were able to reproduce reality from their lens and show it to the world. Then working in an art gallery started making my interest more serious and discovering local artists made me start seeking a way to express myself.

Did you study artwork? If yes, then from where?

I have a degree in economics and marketing, but my passion for art has always been present throughout my life. Visiting galleries and buying local art has been my passion for a long.

From where did Tina learn this?

My artwork is called String Art, my love for geometry and passion for colors were put together when I discovered this technique. I learned the basics from doing some short courses and then I kept on experimenting by myself.

Why did Tina choose digital artwork as a profession?

My art is not digital and life brought me towards this. Sometimes coincidences put us in front of the path we need to follow and this is how even though at the beginning I almost gave up several times life showed me that even though for now this is not my main job for sure is something I love doing and when you love doing something that’s where your focus should be going to.

Tell me about your work experience?

I have worked in several different fields, from waitressing to sales. I’ve also been a concierge in Ibiza and worked in an Art Gallery in Playa del Carmen. This is where my passion for art started to become more serious and self-discovery started to take place.

Who are your biggest influences?

Life and it’s colored (sunsets, sunrises, the color of the ocean, the ocean, and jungle) is what influences me with my art, that is how I chose my colors.

Some of my favorite string artists online are Arisa Chinen, DMsTring Artes, and galanter_art.

How do you become a successful artist?

I believe perseveration and resilience is the key to becoming a successful artist. I believe that success is something that comes with time and never giving up on what you love is very important if you wish to continue with it.

What makes you a good graphic designer and different from others?

For sure simplicity and color choice is something that differentiates me from other artists. Also my study on shapes and colors and how they influence its surroundings. Geometries and mandalas are energetic centers that help in creating balance and purifying its surroundings and the mind.

What does your artwork represent?

My art is a symbolism of what is behind everything we see in our reality if you look deeply you will find that everything in nature develops with the divine proportion and all that is made by man has geometric patterns everywhere. Sacred geometry is here to reminds us of that connection between everything in life: we are all interconnected human beings part of one big stream of consciousness that seeks to transcend that false separation from everything that surrounds us to make us finally understand that we are all just One.

What does Tina art mean to you?

My art is the expression of myself and of something that goes beyond me and that’s hard to explain in words. Art starts as a feeling and a need and later moves and develops into something physical. I put a lot of myself and my energy into what I do and I truly believe that it’s something that can be felt. My art is simply a piece of me that I chose to give out and discovering that people appreciate it and can feel what I have put in it is a great satisfaction. Vibes can be felt and I know that my art has very good vibes because I put loads of love into it!

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