Subway Surfers

Tips and Tricks For Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is presented and co-developed by Kiloo Games and by SYBO Games.

About Game:

The game  Subway Surfers is an endless runner genre game. The player needs to run fast by tapping the screen, collecting the coins, and achieve high scores. You need to run as fast as you without getting caught by the inspector and his dog.  Subway Surfers is an addictive and best time beating game. The game consists of challenging obstruction.

Game Platforms:

Subway Surfers is available on Windows, Mac OS, Windows 8 & 10 mobile, Kindle, and Android, iOS.

Here are the tips and tricks to score the highest.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Daily Challenges are important

Daily challenges are dependant on WiFi so for playing them the player must be connected with Wi-Fi. Daily Challenge is to collect the letters for the mentioned word while running on the tracks. If you do this challenge for five days, you’ll get a mystery box.

  • Running on trains

Running on the top of the train rather than the ground and use power-ups to fly it is safer. Staying on the ground increases the chances of hitting the obstacles. The player just needs to know how to jump and swipe between the trains.

  • Watching Ads

Watch ad videos and gets more coins for free. You can only one video per day to power up and can get two coins.

  • Hoverboard

The hoverboard lasts for 30 seconds. Take your hoverboard and activate it. If you turn on your hoverboard and get hits with an obstacle, it’ll break but you can still run. So quickly activate another hoverboard.

  • Increasing Score Multipliers

Collect 2x  magnets multipliers so you can get more scores which multiplies your scores.

  • Don’t Waste your Keys

Save your keys for buying hoverboards and characters because you can’t buy everything with hoverboards. If you use your keys during run again and again then when you need them you’ll not have. Moreover, don’t use your keys in short runs.

Subway Surfers
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