Three Kingdoms

About the Three Kingdoms

The player wins a siege battle when all hostile generals are killed or the central point of the city is captured. These generals, which can be commanded separately from their troops, have possession of unique ancillaries, which can be looted once they are killed. For instance, Lü Bu’s Red Hare can be captured and used by other generals. Generals can engage in a one-versus-one dueling, which ends when one of them dies or flees.

Each general has different classes and specialties, granting their units with both active and passive buffs. The team introduces the concept of guanxi to the game, in which each general will form social connections and relationships with other characters. Viewing concepts like “obligations, reciprocity, and trust” as important virtues, these generals have unique personalities and desires that players need to cater to. If their demands are not met, their happiness rating will drop and this may lead to various repercussions for players.


Total War: Three Kingdoms is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux.[/vc_column_text]

Tips and tricks:

Following are tips and tricks for the smooth gameplay.

  • Pay Attention to General Drama

It might seem easiest to just pair officers with complementary skills together in the same army, or create a dream team of your strongest fighters to blitz across China. But if their personality traits contrast, there will be trouble eventually. Even if your officers get along now, events throughout the campaign make friends closer and rivals more bitter. One of the drama llamas will likely leave your service entirely, if you continue to make them fight alongside someone they hate.

  • Press ‘R’ to Change Speeds

Whether on the campaign map or the battlefield, pressing the hotkey ‘R’ will change your unit’s movement speed. On the battlefield, this will speed up or slow down your units by causing them to sprint forward. This will activate your Charge but will also cause your units to become fatigued. However, most people don’t know you can use this on the campaign map as well. If you press ‘R’ while on the campaign map, it will cause all army movements, both yours and the enemies, to speed up. They won’t become fatigued but it will save you time watching them so your games pace will pick up a little bit.

  • Fighting Corruption

To combat corruption, you can put an administrator in the commander which reduces corruption by 30%. You can assign someone to ‘Counteract Corruption’ which is learned from a yellow skill called ‘Stability’ (looks like a mountain) and can be learned by Commanders (yellow) and Sentinels (purple). This reduces corruption in a commander by 50%.

Three Kingdoms
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