Publisher: Playrix

Platform: iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Facebook (Adobe Flash)

About: Township is a game that combines city-building and farming. Players are guided through a brief tutorial at the very beginning of the game. The player begins with a starter town and in order to develop it, they should harvest crops, run processing facilities, and sell goods. The primary currency in the game is T-cash. Besides, the player also earns XP (experience points) and coins for performing different kinds of actions in the game. Coins are used to buy factories, community buildings, decorations, and XP points are used to level up.[/vc_column_text]

Tips for Riptide GP: Renegade

  • Relax And Build A Free Town

Township is an open-world game which means that you don’t have any missions or quests to complete. You only need to use your creativity to choose buildings & establishments and build your city. However, you need to build a vibrant, thriving city in order to win the game’s premium currency, experience points, and coins.

  • Complete More Orders to Earn More Coins

Completing orders is the most reliable way to earn coins in Township. Click on the Helicopter buttons to access orders and complete them or signal people to submit orders to you. Some orders are really not worth, and so you need to examine orders to choose the ones offering great deals. Orders that are not chosen can bring a lot of confusion in the gameplay, so you need to do away with them. Hint: Click on the trash bin to get rid of useless orders.

  • Get The Right Construction Materials

Construction materials in Township come in at random, and therefore you should keep an eye on them to choose the ones that suit your construction work. The materials come with trains, and the game allows you to send the trains to come with materials that suit your city. Getting the right materials can be hard, but you can keep sending the trains until you get the best materials.

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