Tracy Romero Success Story.

Tracy Romero is a visual artist.

Tell me about yourself?
I am a 21 years old graphic design student, I also love illustration, a lot, I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and art styles.

Tell me about your work experience?
I haven’t been able to work formally, right now I’m fully dedicated to my studies and my illustration.

At what age did you start doing work and develop a love for artwork?
I started drawing when I was a little child, I’ve been doing art ever since.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?
Yes, I’m studying graphic design at Universidad de Costa Rica.


Why did you choose art as a profession?
I always knew I wanted something with art, and someone told me about graphic design and I gave it a shot.

Who are your biggest influences?
I think my uni professors and of course, all the artwork I see around me, from Instagram and others.

What does your art represent and does art mean to you?
It’s a way of expressing myself but also I believe that art and graphic design have the power to change the world.

My Portfolio:


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