Ajax Town


Ajax Town is presented by a solo developer Ajay Game Developer


About Game:
Ajax Town is a fantasy fps game where you conquer arenas, fight with bosses, solve puzzles in dungeons and explore the beautiful world known as Ajax Town. You can play this game however you want, you can roam around and pull epic stunts with your bike, shoot zombies, fight a boss or explore the dungeon with your sniper and magical powers. It is a single-player story campaign with missions.

You can choose between different gameplay styles, you can play like an assassin to kill zombies on the battlefield using your sniper or takedown from the back or just jump into the battlefield and start shooting to experience an epic single-player story campaign.

You can explore the open world on foot or by riding a bike. The world is divided into different sections. You can travel to different locations using your motorbike and to have a bike, you need to find all the parts and assemble them before exploring the rest of the open world.


Enemy Types :

1) Zombie follows you blindly. They strike with bare hands when they are very close but you can counter them using a revolver or just take them out using a stealth attack.

2) Ghost can go through walls and enemies to attack you. The best way to deal with them is to use your sniper to kill them before you enter the battlefield.

3) Wolfs strike very fast and are ready to bite your head off. You can counter their attack by using a freeze attack.

4) Goblin first appears in the boss fight but later as a normal enemy. Goblin can throw projectiles or do tornado attacks. Tornados will fade away after a certain amount of time. You can survive by running around. Goblin protects himself with a shield so you should use a freeze attack to destroy the shield before attacking them.

5) Sniper enemies should be the priority. They are found mostly on rooftops. You can start shooting with snipers before they detect you.


Ajax Town is ported on Google Play Store for Android users. The game has in-app purchases.


  • Features:
  • Fantasy Open world to explore
  • Single-player story campaign with a mission
  • Variety of weapons like sniper, revolver, and mine detector
  • Epic boss fight with dragon, goblin, zombie and more
  • Console quality high graphics
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls

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