Catching Spirits

Catching Spirits is a game developed by two friends Paul Labroue and Marco Revelli Beaumont.


About Game :
Catching Spirits is a 2D multiplayer (3 players) brawler platformer video game. Each player embodies an elemental spirit: Water, Fire or Earth. The game is based on the principle of triangularity between the characters. Water catches Fire, Fire catches Earth and Earth catches Water. Hence, each player has prey to catch while running away from his predator.






Catching Spirits will be released in Spring 2022 on Steam for Windows users.  The game has F2P with in-app purchases.



Game’s Features
Elemental spirits can fight in 10 different worlds. Once you catch three times your prey you win one round, win two to win the game. At the beginning of each round, each player chooses a power – dash, wall, or shoot – that will help him to catch his prey. On the map, collect your power on special spawning points. Once you get caught, you can regain life by praying on your predator’s altar until you deliver your prisoner. During the game, several energy gems will pop up randomly on the map where spirits are fighting. Collect 10 gems to transform into a Super Spirit. For a short time, you will become invulnerable, and you will be able to catch the other two spirits.



The game final release date will be updated on the below link. Stay tuned for getting updates about the game.



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