Kitchen War


Kitchen War is presented by Silent Knight Game.


About Game:

In this game, your goal is to mess up the kitchen as much as possible. But there’s a catch, your mom is at home. Luckily, she will be listening to music, which covers some of the noise. Be careful though, as she may stop the music any second. Luckily, there will be tasks that can be done without making a single sound. If you got cat food, your cat may well be your best companion.





Break all the kitchen utensils without Mom knowing!

You’ll hear occasional pauses of the background music, that’s when Mom pauses the music she’s listening to, so be careful! She’ll suspect you if you make any noise when breaking things and she might come in earlier.


Special tasks to make Mom even angrier!

Fridge – the yellow slots part is the freezer, while the top part is the refrigerator. The task is to drag all the food to the opposite area so that everything is spoiled.

Rug – spill soy sauce onto the rugby clicking on it. Your goal is to ruin the whole rug.

Oven: Keep spinning the knob until it breaks.

Stove – Try your best to click onto the background when the bar touches the centre (red line) where the heat is at maximum. Your goal is to overheat the stove.


Your cat may well be your best companion!

Whenever you find cat food, you can summon your pet cat, Cath Palug. Cath Palug will then distract Mom for 10 secs, which allows you to have even more time to mess up the kitchen.



Kitchen War will be released on The game will not have any in-app purchases.



  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Casual game
  • No in-app purchases


So what are you waiting for?


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