About Game:
Nictheroy is a unique 2d top-down, in which you must explore countless lands, gather vital resources, and build your base.

In Nictheroy, the player must gather resources to craft items and build the village that is its home base. Exploring many environments and locations, the player can recruit NPCs to help in the journey and expand the base. With the resources found, the player can make weapons and armors to defeat bosses. Campfires around the world allow the player to rest and save while preparing for new exploration.

Those brave enough to take part can fish, grow crops, chop trees, mine resources, ride animals, shoot using a bow, handle a sword, and find even more ways to interact with the plentiful nature of the universe. As an open-world game, the player makes their own goals and explores Nictheroy at their own pace, delving into unique environments and compelling storylines.


Nictheroy Features:

  • Meet previously undiscovered civilizations and extraordinary characters
  • Enjoy a fast paced-action adventure RPG with challenging nemesis showdowns
  • Band together with a friend to explore a vast land and all of its untold secrets
  • Build your village by recruiting NPC’s from across Nictheroy
  • Complete different collections and help to restore the land to its former glory
  • Dozens of customization and crafting options

The release date is confirmed yet. The game will be released on Steam.

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