Upcoming Game: Polity

Polity is developed and published by Jib Games.


It is an MMORPG based on social interaction and performing specific professions, such as farming and forestry within a sci-fi story. Aside from these professions, players also play as citizens, founders, and presidents. The aim is to grow an individuality in a society you are part of, as an unforgettable leader or a successful jobholder.


A small group of developers began to work on Polity in 2018. They decided to create this game after receiving a lot of positive feedback from the players of Sanalika, which is the previous game the developers were part of. This small group got bigger; at that point, the game began to shape. An MMORPG can be formed by its players by reflecting their own choices and ideas freely: Maybe a utopia everyone dreams of. The game is built on a sci-fi background and shaping a civilization on a mysterious planet. This idea is sustained by developing the mechanics and features of the game.

First, we make sure that the players sufficiently play their avatars, while customizing them, experiencing UIs, and completing different quests. Later, we focus on the improvement of professions. The professions we picked are the basic ones, such as farmer and forester. These two professions became functional by the hard work of the server and client parts. They got forward with the balance system and the content. We will continue to add more professions, such as miner, interior designer, and manager at cafe or port, by diversifying them. After completing them, we also want to add an educational dimension to them, soon.

For instance, the universities in the game will provide the basic education for players to introduce the profession they want to perform. Another issue we are focusing on is the role of citizen, president, and founder. Right now, they are developing them one by one before integrating a governmental system in the game at the citizenship and country level. This governmental system, as a whole, will reflect the interconnected existence by accepting every player has a political voice and individuality in a society that cannot be denied. All those processes were reviewed and improved many times until our team was sure about them, so they are still following this production pattern which they adopt.

As the development team of Polity, they want their players to be aware of all the possibilities everyone misses because of their daily struggles. The future is brighter with the awareness of qualified education, strong policies, and justice to bring equality and opportunity to mankind in every field of life. They are doing it to highlight the importance of communal existence and individual improvement in game. In this way, they can reach beyond time by reaching future generations. Let them hear your voice, the voice you endeavour to be heard!


About Game:

Polity is an online virtual world, where people can rule their own country or become citizens of other players’ countries. This world offers you the opportunity to shape your utopia with real players. Establish your country and set your own rules, or find a profession you are fond of as a citizen. Both choices will lead you to different paths. Alongside being a citizen, basic professions (such as farmer, miner, fisher, etc.) are designed to create a purpose-based atmosphere; in this way, players can internalize the profession and fulfil their tasks to be successful. These professions consist of various quests and popular casual games, which are aimed to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

The game is set on a mysterious planet called Blue Dot 2 (BD-2). This planet is discovered by an AI-powered spaceship, JP-1G. The AI system collects data about this mysterious planet: It is mostly covered with water, but there is no sign of life. A new civilization is ready to build on BD-2: Platforms are waiting for their citizens. Here is where your journey begins. During this journey, you will find your path while exploring the world you are comfortable in. Come and start to explore the world of Polity!





The polity will be ported to Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The game has no in-app purchases.



  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Massively Multiplayer game
  • RPG Game


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