Rise of Piracy

Rise of Piracy is developed and published by Irish John Games.

About Game:

Rise of Piracy is a solo project that has taken 3 years. Developed entirely on twitch streams. The perfect blend of Action, Adventure and RTS. Begin your journey as the lowly captain of a small vessel. End as the commander of a threatening fleet. Rise to glory how you see fit. Trade, fight, recruit, grow, pillage, ally, destroy & conquer.


Rise of Piracy focuses heavily on progression and growth. In your campaign, you will first be given a small ship and a handful of coins. Complete missions and find treasure to build your economic strength and relations with the other factions. You can also choose to fight, boarding or sink other vessels for loot. Build up your fleet of ships and their crews to take on the most challenging tasks such as capturing islands of various strengths and compositions. Defeating large colonial fleets in grand scale naval warfare. Hunt pirates or long lost treasures. Uncovering mysterious lands filled with dangers as you go.





Rise of Piracy will be ported on PC. The game early access will available in June 2022.



  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Action and adventure game
  • Multiplayer game


Rise of Piracy will be released on the below link. Stay tuned for early access.



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