Upcoming Game: Siege the Day

Siege the Day

is developed by Hidden Tower Studios and published by Crytivo.

About Game:

Siege the Day is a tactical turn-based combat castle builder game where you have to build, fortify and even decorate your very own castle. Engage in epic battles against other players online using siege structures you deployed and an array of special attacks, magic spells, and tactics at your disposal. Manage your castle’s defenses and upgrades, however resources are limited, so be sure to spend them wisely to build your ultimate impenetrable masterpiece.

Complete castle-building freedom! Construct walls, army barracks, defense towers, special buildings, etc in any which way you want. Choose between a vast range of different siege and military equipment for your castle. Do you want to attack with ice canons? Or with fire catapults? Or maybe you’d prefer to spend some gold upgrading your archers? It’s entirely up to you which path to victory you choose.

Take control of your castle’s offensive and defensive structures. Use catapults and cannons to attack your opponent and destroy their most vulnerable structures, disrupting their ammo, gold, or even military supplies. Take heed as they will try to do the same to you. Use tactics like destroying walls and gates, allowing your army to invade your enemy’s castle.

Platforms:Siege the Day
The upcoming game “Siege the Day” is ported on Steam for PC users.


  • Easy built-in controls
  • Great gameplay
  • Tactical turn-based combat castle builder game
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls

The game will be released on 18 August 2021. You can add in the wishlist from the below link.

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