Spirits Of Gaia

Developer: Espirart Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle

Spirits Of Gaia is presented by Espirart Games.

About Game:

Spirits of Gaia is an atmospheric narrative puzzle genre game where you will guide 4 young spirits on their journey to prevent a destructive entity from returning and to accomplish that, they must seek the mystic keys hidden deep in ancient temples. Four young spirits are sent to a temple with the mission of saving their goddess, but there they will face unexpected challenges.

This is a game focused on teamwork by switching between characters, you will switch control between 4 spirits with different skills and personalities to solve puzzles together while exploring the temples and learning more about the purpose and personalities of the main characters.


Spirits Of Gaia will launch on pc, in Steam, Epic Games, and Nuvem platforms. The game is premium, so there will be no in-game purchases. It will be released in two languages English and Brazilian Portuguese.


Spirits Of Gaia Features:

  • Retro graphics like old Zelda games
  • 4 playable characters with unique mechanics
  • Variety of Puzzles that require cooperation and strategy
  • An engaging narrative with unique and charismatic characters
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Game in 2 languages

Go and test the 7 playable levels from alpha version of the game from the below links.

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