The Last Roman Village 2:

The Last Roman Village 2 is developed and published by Twin Stone Studio.


This is the second game by the team. They work hard for the demo that may be released later this year. Their first game was 2d side-scrolling available on steam as well as iOS and Android. The last roman village 2 is a lot bigger project, including lots of upgrades, soldiers train, enemies and bosses, big map to explore and discover new places with lots of surprises, deep story(with some choice decisions that can change the game story). On the map also there will be a lot of hidden collectible treasures, that can give a variety of powers and bonuses.

About Game:  

The story takes place in Ariminum – the last roman village left. After years of peaceful life, General Crassus and all the villagers will face evil forces that will try to destroy everyone and everything in their path. Defend, conquer, build or train soldiers – everything is in your hands.


After Marcus Aurelius death, it is time for his son Crassus, to prove he is a worthy heir and leader. The mighty and once invincible Roman Empire is no more, and in its wake are enemy forces attacking from all sides in hordes. You can guard the walls by fighting and defeating enemies, such as skeletons, undead, goblins, trolls and what not! Build your village defences, train and upgrade soldiers, do whatever you can do to preserve the village. The game has a wide variety of bosses and a lot of new features that will make the gameplay very intriguing. Explore the extensive map with lots of new lands and surprises (some good and some bad.) Find and help your friend Brutus, who can join your journey to destroy once and forever the evil forces surrounding your village.

On most of the map zones, you can find artifacts and treasures that will bring lots of new abilities and upgrades. Atmospheric scenes and intriguing story is our hundred percent team effort to create a game for game lovers who love to try something different with lots of great features, and a variety of options to choose from. Gather your courage, wisdom, strength and lead the last roman village to safety and prosperity.



The Last Roman Village 2 will be ported on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and potentially consoles.  


Ø Easy built-in controls  

Ø Gameplay with Smooth controls

Ø High-quality graphics

Ø Action and adventure genre game


The Last Roman Village 2 will be released on the below link.


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